Peace is Possible

img_20190325_145147“I dream, Peace is Possible
through a nightmare of wars,
No matter how brief the Dream”

~ by Daniel Shea © 3/26/19
    Viet Nam Veteran

I arrived in Caracas Venezuela on March 10th 2019 with Margaret Flowers & Kevin Zeese after the three of us had to scramble to find alternatives flights to Venezuela via COPA Airlines, Panama to Caracas.

The reason we sought alternative flights was because American Airlines cancelled our flights from Miami to Caracas fearing reported power outages.

The electricity blackout was real but flights were still operational during daytime hours as we were soon to find out.

We were determined to join our place as delegates on the U.S. Peace Council and to witness for ourselves the extent of U.S. Corporate Media reports of massive civil unrest, of a starving population resorting to eating garbage and government violence to subdue protests. 

We were on a mission, to listen, to observe, and to attempt to assess the root causes of opposition grievances and whether there might be avenues for talks to address their concerns and find compromises and produce a peace to the advantage of all concerned.

Our main mission was to express our Solidarity with COSI – Venezuela, the Committee of International Solidarity and Struggle for Peace.

I, a Viet Nam Marine Corp Veteran of 1968, and I, as a former Board of Directors of Veterans For Peace International and the current President of  Veterans For Peace Chapter 72 of Portland Oregon have lived the hell of war, and wish never to have anyone live through that experience.

Unfortunately, my country never learned the lessons of the American War in Viet Nam, that it was criminal to send our armed forces to invade another country.

Viet Nam held no vital interest except the desire of imperialists to dominate Asia as a colonial power.  Viet Nam was no eminent threat to our nation.

We left defeated, as war criminals who killed, estimates ranging from 4 to 6 million Vietnamese, mostly innocent civilian, women and children.

We left another war legacy, the legacy of spraying 20 million gallons of Agent Orange Dioxin over Viet Nam a deadly toxic chemical weapon that continues to take lives and causes many debilitating birth anomalies and diseases including cancers affecting both Vietnamese and U.S. Veterans and their families.

We have 58,320 U.S. Soldiers names, including eight women carved in black granite in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC as a cold reminder of the consequences of War.

Thus, every U.S. War, whether a so-called humanitarian military intervention or regime change assualt on another nation, it is like a bullet striking my heart, opening old wounds, that trigger my PTSD causing depression, anger, and even suicidal urges to end the nightmare and shame of my country’s bullying violence and terrorism that threaten the nation’s of the world with our way or the highway.

I have chosen to walk a path of Peace, to rejected violence and war, thus raise my voice as a Veteran For Peace, challenge those who beat the drums of war, oppose dishonest diplomacy at the point of an arsenal of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

I guess it is no surprise that the U.S. Peace Council would invite two Veterans For Peace members Gerry Condon a former GI Resister and current President of VFP International  and myself to join their delegation.

It didn’t take long before the delegation were invited to meetings with various government ministries, popular people’s projects or cultural programs, but most obvious was that the so-called crisis and massive unrest was just not happening.

That is to say, that in Caracas these popular myths of violent unrest in the U. S. Media were not true.

Our observation was the unrest was a lie manufactured by the U.S. State Department and the Trump Goons, VP Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor John Bolton and Special Envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams the infamous 1980s criminal conspirator in the Iran Contra Scandal and lying to Congress.

One has to put much into perspective, there was an electricity blackout when I arrived on the 4th day of the outage and lasted an additional two days.

Was it a crisis, of course it was but it didn’t cause unrest, it brought people together, just like in the USA when a national disaster strikes, people go out of their way to help each other, the same in Venezuela. 

I was humbled by the tenacity of the Venezuelans to persevere under this difficult hardship, the government trying to ease their burden declared taking the days off during the blackout, making them Blackout Holidays and you saw families in the streets, going to the parks, lovers holding hands, taking walks and meeting friends but no unrest.

Why the lies, why these threats of regime change intervention?

What are the Venezuelan Opposition Parties grievances, would they be willing to sit down for peace talks to find comprises.

Sorry to say, we were not able to get a meeting with opposition leaders to discuss the possibility.

What did seem apparent, was that the United States had their hands so far up the self declared president of Venezuela, Juan  Guaido’s ass, he nor the opposition parties couldn’t venture far from the uncompromising position the United States was dictating, Maduro must go “Or Else”.

The “Or Else” is the real crisis, was the dark cloud hanging over all of Venezuela, the threat of U.S. Military Intervention.

Donald Trump doesn’t give a shit about democracy or the suffering of Venezuelans, or he would lift the Sanctions at the root of much of the economic crisis, that and the drop in Oil Prices in the global market.

The real interest of the United States in Venezuela is it’s Oil and they have made that pretty clear in their own public statements.

““It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela,” ~ Bolton told Fox News in an interview.

I will be giving a report back on Venezuela Saturday March 30th 2019

Eye Witness Report Back from Venezuela
Dan Shea of Veterans For Peace &
U.S. Peace Council Delegate
3:00 PM at Sunnyside Community House
3520 SE Yamhill St, Portland, OR 97214

Please join me, both in Solidarity with the Peace Loving People of Venezuela and in Solidarity with the March 30th Mobilization taking place in Washinton, DC as officials of NATO come to celebrate 70 years of war making!

We Say No to NATO, War and Racism!









Art of Love

I find my best days are when I visit my daughter and spend time with my grandchildren. These little lovelies can be so sweet and at times jealousy compete for attention.

Saturday Jan 12th, I wanted a grandfather/granddaughter day and took my little artist to the Portland Art Museum’s Japanese Poetry, Art & Culture Weekend.

We went to the Yuki’s Origami demonstration and art making workshop.

Kaylea got right to work on trying her hand at Origami, as did I. It was more difficult than I had thought, but Kaylea persisted and did much better than me but we both needed help from Yuki’s assistant who was very patient and helpful. (I wish I had written down her name, because she deserves kudos)

While we were in the Origami workshop, we missed the Calligraphy performance with Sora Shodo, something I really wanted Kaylea to see, but we did see them cleaning up. I was fascinated by Sora’s inked hands as she rushed around cleaning up and to get her to pause, I asked if I could take a photo of her hands.

Kaylea had her camera ready and also took a photo if Sora’s black inked hands.

Next we walked through out the art exhibit admiring woodblock prints, zen paintings, calligraphy and exquisite porcelain pottery.

Kaylea focused her camera mostly on the porcelain vases and sculptures.

We made a visit to the Museum Store, so many fascinating and artistic souvenirs, jewelry, postcards, books, dolls.

There was one Frida Kahlo doll in particular that caught our eyes, Kaylea took a photo of it, I saw how much she liked it and bought it for her.

We took a brief walk through the contemporary exhibits but the rumbling of our tummies said it was time to get something to eat.

We left the Museum and walked down the park blocks past Abe Lincoln to Shemansky Park taking pictures of Abe and the Shemansky Fountain.

Then entered Southpark Seafood Restaurant to relax and order something to eat. While waiting for our order, I noticed my granddaughter’s image in the water bottle and glasses and couldn’t resist snapping a few photos as she made faces.

Our order arrived and we shared a happy hour burger with fries and topped it off with a dessert order of salted carmel & vanilla gelato scoops, which Kaylea declared with a yummmm and said “that is soooo gooood” and it was.

Then back to the car, and my little sweetheart drifted off into her own imaginations, falling fast asleep, dreaming of the days events.

Your Everything

Your Everything

by Dan Shea 12/16/18

I remember
the smell of your hair,
the sound of your laughter,
the sight of you and your sister
Harmony at play, I feel your little hands exploring my face, touching my nose

I remember
your mother singing
you lullabies, reading
you nursery rhymes and
counting your toes with kisses
as we tucked you into bed at night

I remember
those beautiful smiling eyes,
your hugs and sleeping on my chest, those days we would walk hand in hand, me so tall and you so small, so proud of showing you off to all those passersby

My memory of you
is so bittersweet, my son,
so deep is my love it hurts
but too, I remember the joy of you,
I miss your kisses, your everything
about you, thank you for being my son.

Casey Allen Shea – Presente!
(12/16/77 – 2/25/81)

I, Casey’s father was a U.S. Marine who served in that criminal American War in Vietnam in 1968 in Quang Tri Province and exposed to Agent Orange that I am certain caused Casey’s birth anomalies including a heart disease, that led to his early departure from this life.

Babystitting Grandson

December 20th 2018

Started today with my grandson hiding with his hands over his eyes and head buried in a dinning room chair.

I said “I see Colin” he giggled as I snuck to his side and he peeked through his fingers.

Nana had an appointment and said she would be gone all day, I said “an appointment that takes all day? She, “I have to see my mother and have errands to do”

I said “you mean shopping, don’t you?”

She: A big smile.

She, then gave me instructions on Colin’s snacks, lunch and how to use the microwave, which is much different from ours.

Colin ran to Nana points to his butt, he had a poopy diaper and wanted to be changed.

So, Nana told him to go get ready and he ran to the toy chest, pushed everything off of it, climbed up and laid down to have Nana change his diaper.

Harmony came out of her office, to spend some time with Colin before she had to go to Kaylea’s School for her classroom Holiday Party.

Nana left, Colin cuddles with his mommy for as long as he can, and burst into tears and screams when she started to leave.

Colin tugged at his mommy’s leg, she picked him up with hugs and kisses and handed him to me and left.

Colin acted as if Nana & now his mommy had abandoned him to some unfortunate fate.

I couldn’t comfort him, he screamed and continued to cry, so I let him to cry it out.

It took a while but eventually, I heard him talking to himself, then he entered his own private world of play.

He eventually came in to see me, I ask if he wanted a yogurt pop, he went to the fridge and pulled out the freezer drawer and the yogurt pop.

Finally after he was satisfied with his snack he settled into his cozy chair, pulled up a blanket and fell fast asleep.

Compassionate Campaign

Night falls on the homeless
~ dan shea 2/3/18

Night fell on San Diego

chill breeze blankets the homeless

concrete sidewalks their beds

Gil drives, searching streets

lonely woman in wheelchair

black plastic bags her bunker

Stan pockets white socks

I follow with hard-boiled eggs

Hey mama, greets Stan

Ice broke, conversation

begins, can you use these socks

are you sleeping here?

She affirms, sleep here

pointing at her bunker of bags

the socks are welcome

You hungry mama?

shakes her head, she is hungry

I produce the eggs

She thanks us, veterans

my husband was a Veteran

served in Korea

Father in WWII

grandfather served in WWI

proud elderly black woman

It’s cold on the streets

we offer a sleeping bag

She rewards us both

God’s Blessing on you

thank you, bless your hearts, bless you

brings tears to my eyes

It doesn’t take long

Gil finds other homeless folks

some male and female

These have-nots range in

age, teenagers to elderly

the dawn is breaking

Before the night wanes

we will have given out nine

sleeping bags, nine pairs of socks

and just as many pairs of hard boiled eggs.


The San Diego Veterans For Peace Compassion Campaign, an outreach effort to give a sleeping bag set to each of the 9000+ homeless in San Diego, began in December 2010 and continues indefinitely.

The outreach effort began after active veterans in the San Diego Veterans For Peace chapter became alarmed at the life-threatening living conditions homeless veterans and others endure on the streets and under the interstate overpasses in downtown San Diego.

Veterans of Nowhere

Veterans of Nowhere
Citizens of None
Ghosts in a Nightmare

Dying for lies
Survivors Crying
Wounded Mind and Body

Mexican born
Veterans Deported
Brown Brothers and Sisters

Left behind
Children without fathers,
mothers, sons or daughters

This is what it means
to be undocumented
having served the gringo

Veterans of Nowhere
Citizens of None
Ghosts in a Nightmare

By Dan Shea 2/2/18
Marine Corp Viet Nam Veteran
1968 Quang Tri Province

I support our Deported Veterans
Bring them Home!