Waltz in the Valley of Death

Trung Sisters
Waltz in the Valley of Death
By Daniel Shea © 2013 version III

Trưng Trắc and Trưng Nhị
Daughters of old Viet Nam
Ferocious Wild Flowers
Upon Monstrous Elephants
Dance with War and Death

A shy moon eclipses
Casting no shadows
Tet appears for the festivities
Harvesting Jackfruits and Betel Nut Smiles

Dragons breathe tongues of fire
Piercing the night, sabers of lights pirouette
Dancing Lions chase evil spirits away
Ghosts of ancestors are invited to feast

Uncle Sam comes bearing brooms
Chase luck away with Revenge
The Rolling Thunder of Boeing B 52s
Sweep away the children of Viet Nam

Puff the Magic Dragon
Tears flesh and bone indiscriminately
Operation Ranch Hand, Poisons
Jungles, Crops and Pregnant Mothers

Hamlets, Towns and Cities perish
People are massacred
Marines and Army join the Dance
Murder, Rape, Torture their tune

Trưng sisters once great warriors
Weep on Deaths’ shoulders
Tears of blood, run rivers red
Souls leave the dance of life

Chose wisely partners in dance
Beware the tunes they whisper
in your ears, their kisses
may be your last


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