Open Letter to our Congress and the People of the United States

Open Letter to our Congress and the People of the United States
by Daniel Shea of Veterans For Peace
September 4th 2013

My major concern is the possibility that president Obama will employ a military solution against Syria which I am adamantly opposed to.

I have heard the arguments over Assad’s gassing his citizens, the statements that claim we have evidence but none have been presented nor been verified by credible sources.

We do not need another cry of WMD wolf but even if true the idea that bombs, bullets, grenades and mortars are any less atrocious, nor no less criminal is to me absurd.

I am glad that congress has asked the president to make his case before them – it is as it should be. If congress does the right thing and opposes intervention then the world may gain some faith that in the USA, democracy lives. That is does work and that the people of the United States have no ill will against the people of Syria and that we believe a political solution is possible as a bridge to peace.

Thus we need all our representatives to oppose any military strike no matter how limited. Two wrongs – do not make a right! Though if they approve the strike against Syria only more deaths will occur. Which begs the question in what universe is our killing any less evil than theirs?

Both sides in this civil and now sectarian war are culpable for murdering the lives of innocent men, women and children. Both sides accuse the other of using chemical weapons, crying foul by the other. There are no good guys in this conflict, a conflict we need not enter into, for it is for Syrians and Syrians alone to solve.

WE as a nation have no credibility in the Middle East, nor do we in much of the rest of the world and if we should again stick the noses of our missiles into this fight, I am afraid that it will only get worse. No one can predict that it will not escalate, maybe even into a world war, a nightmare that could equal an apocalypse.

I am a Viet Nam combat veteran, an Agent Orange victim of our military’s use of chemical weapons and know the pain this has caused me and so many other veterans and their families thus we are all opposed to these poisons but have no stomach for making things worse. Just so president Obama can save face for drawing a red line he really had no right to make all on his own.

There are more courageous alternatives, first wait for the United Nations inspectors report, second encourage the UN to call for a truce to discuss a path to end the conflict, third let the so-called rebels (many now who are outsiders even more detrimental to democracy) that we will not arms them and will only support them in UN peace process.

If we really want to make a difference we will work to make all weapons sales to other nations an international crime and hold those individuals and manufacturers accountable for war crimes.

If president listens to our people and not the war profiteers (who are salivating over the possibility of their products of death filling their coffers with blood money galore) then I will applaud him, for it takes more wisdom and courage to walk the path of peace than one of war.

The UK has said “NO”! And, we say NO! Peace be with You!


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