A Day Burned in my Mind and Heart

A Day Burned in my Mind and Heart


In Memory of Casey

December 16th 1977 my son Casey Allen Shea was born. Though we only had a few years together they were some of the happiest days of my life. They were never easy days because of your birth anomalies which I hold this government and Monsanto, DOW and all those who helped produce, manufacturer, approved and used Agent Orange in Viet Nam. I also hold myself responsible son for ever going and participating in a War, a war that killed and maimed children like you.

When around you and your sister Harmony I felt forgiven and could enjoy your laughter as you played.

When you left us on February 25th 1981 my heart was broken, it has never been the same and only the love of your mother and sister kept the rest of me from crumbling to dust and following you.

You are always with me and it is your voice that causes me to cry out for justice and peace, your voice that says we have so little time in this world that you must not waste it in hate and despair but work to repair what is broken or replace what is beyond repair.

The little time we had together made me a better man, a better father and now even a grandfather. I was never so happy, as when I held you and Harmony in my arms.

Happy Birthday Son
Casey we miss you sooooo very much.

Love Papa


One thought on “A Day Burned in my Mind and Heart

  1. This moves my heart even though much time has passed. I hope it is always new and refreshing to know that your son’s life is still touching others lives.

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