My Position on Guns & the 2nd Amendment by Dan Shea

Banksy: Boy With A Gun

My Position on Guns and the 2nd Amendment

I was a Marine Machine Gunner in Vietnam, I had a 45. caliber pistol, these guns never left my sight or my side. These were weapons of war, weapons of aggression and defense in a firefight or ambush. I never had to use them in the short time I was there in 1968 end of August to end of October, at least that is what I tell myself as there is a lapse of memory after we entered a village full of booby-traps and death. That day is frozen, incomprehensible, lost in a fog of screams and silence. I can’t really say if I did not use my weapons of human destruction and this haunts me to this very day.

After Vietnam I had a strong aversion to personally owning a gun, though I had a shotgun for a number of years, which I thought would protect my home & family but it almost fell into the hands of a burglar that robbed my house. That is another story and in the end the police caught the thief but an old man died of a heart attack in the excitement of the chase through his yard.

Glad am I got over my fears and false sense of the need to have a gun. I decided I did not want to be in a position to kill another human being. Instead of owning a gun I would join our grassroots communities to fight for economic & political justice, for equal rights & for jobs, to help end the violence of poverty, thus reducing the danger of violent crimes & creating safer communities.

I see now the original intent of the 2nd Amendment was not to protect our freedom but to keep a people enslaved, it is time we become free & without guns see link:…/13890-the-second-amendment-was-r…

I know all the false arguments about guns for the proletariat, that is the position I held for most of my life. I am not a pacifist – I am not that strong or courageous, believe me they are fearless.

I said I did not want to own a gun because I didn’t want to kill another human being, that does not mean that I wouldn’t if my immediate family were in danger. I have in the past, even after Viet Nam picked up a gun to do exactly that, to protect my family, lucky no one was killed. I also don’t want to own a gun because as a PTSD vet – I would be more prone to use it on myself because I can barely stomach the crap people will spin to hold on to weapons of death of destruction in the name of some militant revolution to fight the government that they predict will comes to take their gun.

First: I am not advocating getting rid of all guns like hunters and maybe collectors. I am for sensible regulation, training, and licensing.

Second: Unless you are a machinist making your own gun, you’re are not a proletariat revolutionary but a consumer of a pro-for- profit military and gun manufacturing industrial complex.

Third: If you are afraid of our government’s trend toward Fascism and you should be, we are already living in a Fascist Police State – Black Live Matter can attest to that, but I haven’t seen the men with guns do a God damn thing about it. If guns were going to make a difference then they would already have been employed. It is not happening.

If you don’t believe me about the Fascist March of the Police State then read Michelle Alexander’s book “The New Jim Crow” or Naomi Wolf’s “America Fascism” – If you are Black or Brown in America you are the ones that feel the sting of the blows, hear the slam of locked doors, that is if you survive without the summary execution on the streets by the pigs death squads. (yes and poor whites, homeless, and those suffering from mental illness too)

Thinking about arming and defending yourself? If you are a person of color you better not have a gun, go for your phone or wallet because you will be dead or in prison – the only folks privileged enough to get away with it, are White folks, Left, Right & Middle on the political spectrum.

Fourth: Most militants in Latin and Central America, Viet Nam, Africa and other places in the world, didn’t start their revolutions with guns, when they were finally forced to declared war – civil war against their oppressive governments they often stole their weapons from the police and military that came after them. Most of these military revolutionaries included deserted soldiers and officers that became underground organizations and Guerilla warriors – most failed in the end and those that won left a blood bath of innocents on their march to seize power.

Fifth: The most successful revolutions were not violent, in the book “Why Civil Resistance Works” for the first time we have empirical, peer-reviewed data studying every major civil war, revolution and social movement throughout the world since WWII. The answer: non-violence works twice as often as violence. If non-violence can bring down the USSR, the Mubarak regime in Egypt (even though it was eventually betrayed), and British rule in India, it can work most anywhere.

Sixth: If we are forced to resort to weapons for our self-defense, then we will need the proletariat machinists, the GI resisters and deserters, engineers, bomb makers, and skilled persons of every craft and profession who I believe have the intelligence and ingenuity to make guns and any kind of weapon that would be needed but in this kind of war, you will also need doctors, medics and nurses most of all, because nobody will come out of it, without blood on their hands – if they still have hands.

Oh you can make fun of the placard images of those holding a signs that reads “Real Men Don’t Need Guns” but regardless of if one is talking about himself – I would interpret that it means we should leave the “machismo spirit” of male power, military power whether male or female behind because fearless men and women don’t need guns.

I am not fearless, in fact I have more fear of owning a gun than not. I feel safer without having a gun and believe me – you are much safer without me having one and I would feel safer without you having one.

I don’t care if you do own a gun, for all the reasons I have already stated but don’t tell me you need them for the revolution cause I don’t see you taking out the racist police, the no justice district attorneys, corrupt judges. I don’t see you breaking down the doors of for profit prisons that enslave people for minor crimes and which are becoming debtor prisons. I don’t see you arresting the lawmakers in congress and the senate that wrote the laws to keep you down and steal your wages by legal theft to give to the rich, the banksters and the financiers of wall street in the biggest bailout in history.

I don’t see you marching on Washington with your guns locked and loaded when these scum in power close your children’s schools, steal from Social Security and refuse to repay their debts. Why do you allow them to send your children to illegal wars while their children for the most part go to college?

No I just don’t see where all these guns have contributed one iota to a free and democratic society.