Daniel Shea Marine 1968 Viet Nam

“I” Co, 3dBN, 26th Marines – Quang Tri, Quang Tri Province & Phu Bia, Thua Thien Province Viet Nam, Last Duty Station: Sep Cd. Co MB USNB Subic Bay Philippines

2018 Dan currently serving on the Board of Directors of Veterans For Peace in his third year of a three-year term, also on the Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign core committee, the Vietnam Full Disclosure Campaign Committee and is an active member of Portland Oregon VFP chapter 72.

December 2015 Dan was one of 13 VFP Delegates to Jeju Island and Okinawa on an educational and solidarity mission supporting opposition to a ROK Naval Base under construction and U.S. Military Bases, Helipads and protest struggles to prevent the construction of a U.S. Marine Corp Airbase in Henoko.

Dan as a VFP Delegate joined in the protests in both Islands, met with Mayors, Governors, Professors, Students, Artists and prominent citizens. Was interviewed on an Okinawa radio station with Col. Ann Wright.

We visited Peace Museums and commemorations learning the violent history of the 1948 April Third Massacre in Jeju and the WWII Battle of Okinawa.

1994 Dan was part of a U.S. Delegation to Cuba of IFCO Pastors for Peace Caravan to End the US Embargo and in 2006 invited to the World Social Forum in Venezuela representing PCASC and VFP 72 as a speaker on the U.S. occupation in Afghanistan and Iraq and our meddling in the affairs of Latin America and to paint a mural.

That same year Dan was a VFP delegate to the March 2006 Veterans Agent Orange Conference in Hanoi, Viet Nam.

Dan is also a co-founder and former executive director of Education Without Borders (July 2000 – May 2016) to promoting critical thinking and problem solving through Art and Activism with a school project in Burundi Africa & local project providing donated books to prisoners – Portland Books to Prisoners.

Dan continues to be a consultant and activist with Education WithOut Borders on issues pertaining to Veterans, War, Peace, the Militarization of Police Departments, Border Police and Military Interventions, much of which overlap with his work with Veterans For Peace.

Dan was a member of a Warrior Arts Group now defunct yet continues to work with all sorts of artists; Hip Hop/Spoken Word Poets, Singer Songwriters and Musicians who critique our maladies, our history while promoting peace and harmony.

Dan works directly and in collaboration with a number of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and currently hosts the monthly TV program Veterans for Peace Forum view link. of his most recent interview with Post 9-11 Veteran & Artist Trish Brownlee.

Dan keeps a blog “Swallowed Mars & Choked: Once I swallowed Mars the God of War, Now I Wage Peace” sharing his poetry, art and essays at


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Compassionate Campaign

Night falls on the homeless
~ dan shea 2/3/18

Night fell on San Diego

chill breeze blankets the homeless

concrete sidewalks their beds

Gil drives, searching streets

lonely woman in wheelchair

black plastic bags her bunker

Stan pockets white socks

I follow with hard-boiled eggs

Hey mama, greets Stan

Ice broke, conversation

begins, can you use these socks

are you sleeping here?

She affirms, sleep here

pointing at her bunker of bags

the socks are welcome

You hungry mama?

shakes her head, she is hungry

I produce the eggs

She thanks us, veterans

my husband was a Veteran

served in Korea

Father in WWII

grandfather served in WWI

proud elderly black woman

It’s cold on the streets

we offer a sleeping bag

She rewards us both

God’s Blessing on you

thank you, bless your hearts, bless you

brings tears to my eyes

It doesn’t take long

Gil finds other homeless folks

some male and female

These have-nots range in

age, teenagers to elderly

the dawn is breaking

Before the night wanes

we will have given out nine

sleeping bags, nine pairs of socks

and just as many pairs of hard boiled eggs.


The San Diego Veterans For Peace Compassion Campaign, an outreach effort to give a sleeping bag set to each of the 9000+ homeless in San Diego, began in December 2010 and continues indefinitely.

The outreach effort began after active veterans in the San Diego Veterans For Peace chapter became alarmed at the life-threatening living conditions homeless veterans and others endure on the streets and under the interstate overpasses in downtown San Diego.

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